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TEAM Highlight: Meet Bobby Peoples

Screenwriter, director, producer, production assistant, production secretary, actor, etc. Bobby M. Peoples is a man of many talents. Bobby M Peoples always dreamed about entering the entertainment business. After his stint in the US Army, Bobby decided to actively pursue his goal and enter the acting arena. After being rejected on several acting gigs, he entered film school and studied the art & craft of music and video production.

He has done several projects for Dreamworks, Touchstone Pictures, New Millennium, to name a few. Bobby continued to have faith in his career and eventually became the captain on his own destiny thus heading his own flagship, “The Peoples Film Company.” A place where he could write, produce, direct, not only his own work but to aid others who cannot find the talent or resources to enter into the business. Born in Newark New Jersey, Bobby M Peoples is an only child. Raised by his grandparents while his mother was in the army.Bo bby dreams of creating above the line positions for eager and very talented people who come across his path, and need a chance to be seen and heard. Taking steps to being a leader, Bobby is someone that no one will regret they followed.

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